Office Furniture

SHS has experience in upholstering, revamping, restoring and refurbishing a variety of office and home furniture. Our services range from on-site repairs to complete shop fitting and custom-made furniture for cafes, restaurants, offices, homes etc. Our dedication to customer satisfaction and service combined with years of experience in office furniture restoration and upholstery has ensured us a reputation in the industry for good quality furniture at an affordable price. There is no job too big or small for SHS.

Office Furniture

SHS stock a wide range of both second hand and new office furniture. Visit our Facebook page or store to see items such as filling cabinets, pedestals, credenzas, office chairs, desks, couches, ergonomically designed chairs, shelving, steel cabinets, optiplans, cupboards, paintings, ottomans and various other office odds and sodds.

Reception Desks

Adults need not feel left out as we make headboards for you too! Any size, colour, design or fabric. Pick out something that will enhance the decor of your room and choose anything from soft, luxurious fabric to a diverse unique design and add your own personal touch to your bedroom.

Call Centre Desk

At SHS Office Furniture, we’ve got endless possibilities to help you add a touch of your personality to your office! Add style to every room with our wide variety of Reception desks, Office Accessories and custom made furniture. From understated accents to bold furnishings, we’ve got it all at unbeatable prices. A wide selection of colours and different designs and sizes to suit anyone’s needs

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